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Thinking Like a Stylist Part 1

When you come into the salon and want a particular color or cut, do you know the process we are trained to go through before we even pick up the scissors or the color bottle? Do you wonder why we give the advice we give or say yes or no to a particular style or color choice?

I'll give you a little inside info... most people don't. Yes, even the so-called "specialists" on the net. Having a 'beauty blog' or a You-tube channel doesn't qualify you to be a hair or product expert. It doesn't qualify you for anything.

In British Columbia you must train for 1500 hours before you can even write your exam. Then once qualified, most reputable salons won't put you behind the chair until they have put you through their own training, usually lasting up to a year.

Throughout my long career, I have worked with many stylists fresh from school who don't know how little they do know. Schools are now leaning towards a business dominant model, not a solely education dominant model. What this means is that they put students behind the chair as fast as they can to make as much money as they can from clients who come in to get a cheap do. Yes they are supervised, and yes they are eager to get behind the chair to do 'hands-on' learning, but this eats into their education time.

I do not mean to denigrate the hard working teachers and trainers in the schools because they can't give each student the personalized training they might need. The system is set up for expected training after they leave, but most don't get it. Years ago they deregulated the beauty industry in BC. That means that the government doesn't oversee testing and licensing. Which also means there may be salons that ( because they are not required by law) don't check or care that the stylists they hire are fully qualified to be put behind the chair.

In my next post, I will explain some what professionals are expected to

know before they even pick up the shears or color bottle!

Stay tuned...

Viv is an award winning stylist with 30 years experience, constant training and a passion for style and service!

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