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Catching up with you all!

Hi all! It's 2021 and boy are we all glad last year is behind us. I'm back with some tips and tricks to make your hair life a little easier. But first...

A LOT has happened since I've written the last blog. Our regulars know the story, but I thought I'd catch the rest of you up.

We have moved locations and changed ownership as of April 2019. Our merry little core of staff from the old location decided we wanted to make a go of it together. So we found another location close by, renovated it and moved in.

We have been lucky enough to find 2 new staff members to add to our family (another on the way soon) and we were working hard through 2019 through to the beginning of 2020 and then... well, you know what happened. Like all non-essential services, we were shut down in the middle of March just a few weeks shy of our 1 year anniversary.

Our lovely clientele have since expressed to us that they consider us an essential service ( love you all), but the government didn't. Like most of you, the shut down put all of our lives on hold. Luckily, we were only shut down for 2 months. We spent those months keeping connected and