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5 Tips for Winter Hair Care

Winter is here and it's time when we get back to our to our routines. In the salon, we have a lot of undoing to do. Undoing you ask? Yes... undoing of our client's laid back summer and fall hair care habits.

Summer sun, salt water, chlorinated pools and just plain old neglect can do a lot of damage to ombres, balayages and every other colour service that we do. Damage that can be permanent and irreversible. But there is hope!! Here are 5 simple tips to keep your hair in great shape.


Sunlight is the the number one enemy of ANY hair colour... followed by chlorine and salt. See a pattern? Yes, your summer sunning and winter vacation can do a lot of damage to your hair. What can you do to limit the damage? Cover your hair when you're in the sun or one of my fave tips is to use products with sunscreen in them. It's an easy and convenient way of protecting your hair from the effects of sun exposure.