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Taking time to Care for Yourself

Most women are so busy taking care of everyone else that they don't have time to take care of themselves. It's the one factor that connects almost every woman that sits in my chair.

Especially mothers of small children... almost every time a mom sits in my chair for a service, her cell phone rings and it's her husband/child/parent or boss. I play a little game in my head and see if I can figure out which it is by her response. The calls are so predictable that I can probably tell you that if Sally is in, it will happen at the 20 minute mark into her appointment. I can tell that it will be her husband or child asking " When will you be home?"or " What's for dinner?"

I'm not sure why women feel they cannot come into the salon/spa and get a service without having to micro-manage everything going on at home... most women will say it's just easier to answer the call or they will come home to...what? I ask. What is so important that your spouse/partner can't take care of it without interrupting you? I usually get a response that starts with, " Well, if I don't do it..."

According to a stats can study: "Women who were the sole wage earner in a couple, spent more time on child care—50.8 hours per week. A similar amount of time (49.8 hours per week) was spent on child care by women who were part of a dual-earner couple and worked full-time. If they worked part-time, women who were part of a dual-earner couple spent an average of 59.4 hours per week on unpaid child care..." and even more amazingly...