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How Are You Doing?

That is the question of the past year. Depending on your situation before covid hit, the answer is...well... complicated.

As a stylist that has been behind the chair for 30 + years, I understand that we are expected to do more than hair behind the chair. We all have conversations that range from the sublime to the wacky during our day. Any good stylist understands that some clients come to us for more than their hair needs. Thus the term 'Hairapist" was coined. I wear it as a badge of honour every time a client trusts me enough to talk.

One constant in my long tenure is that if allowed or encouraged ( even if not encouraged ), clients will tell you some amazingly personal details about their life situation. My theory is that we all need to talk out our life frustrations to someone, and should be encouraged to do so. Venting is good for the soul and sometimes just talking about things helps us to process, feel like we are less alone and just simply to 'get it off our chest'.

As visitors to my chair know that I do not shy away from difficult or complicated discussions. I feel perfectly comfortable talking about almost anything my client wishes. I am here to support them in any way I can. That said, that is my personal experience and opinion. Just because I am comfortable with personal discussions, doesn't mean all stylists are.

The one thing that has struck me as different this past year, is the number of clients who are more willing to admit the stress this pandemic has brought to their lives. From young to old, the question " How are you?" has elicited more open, honest discussions about each persons mental state. From anxiety, depression and loneliness, to openly joyful discussions about the positive changes they have made in their lives. This past year has been a LOT for all of us to digest and people seem more open to discussing their mental state more than ever before.

This past year has been unique in many ways. In all my years behind the chair I have never seen such an outpouring of love and support. Maybe it's our environment, maybe it's the times. So, no matter how you are doing, please reach out to someone you trust to talk. We could all use a little love and support to reach the finish line.

Take care and Happy Hair!


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